Knorr to Adams, The Leaders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Russell and Rutherford.

The foundation of the Jehovah’s Witness alignment was laid by Charles Russell and Judge Rutherford. There will be additions and subtractions and variations and expansions, even contractions, but there it is, the alignment formed by man, 1800 additional years afterwards Jesus began His church, claiming like the Mormons and the Muslins and all the rest, to be the absolute articulation of God in the world.

The Presidents that chase will now try to advance that voice. So far, they accept done it.

Nathan Homer Knorr. 1942-1977

What Mr. Knorr lacked in new insights and teachings, he added than fabricated up for in acuteness of control. He was from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and abutting the “Bible Students” at age 16. He larboard his Reformed Abbey and was baptized into the Society in 1923. He afresh formed his way up in the organization, and was eventually appointed President in 1942, at Rutherford’s demise.

His administration in office, which concluded in 1977, saw the amplification of the Watch Tower from 25 to 97 annex offices. The address was additionally enlarged. As was the press production. Humans were coming, humans were joining. In 1958, a division of a actor humans came to two huge events, during which 7,000 were baptized.

It was a abundant time for the Witnesses. Onward, upward.

Most of the doctrinal pieces of the Witness bolt were in place, but Knorr did acquaint the action to claret transfusions that has fabricated the alignment fetor a bit added in the eyes of many.

Knorr appropriate some added changes, such as the cessation, for the a lot of part, of ambience dates for this and that.

One of Knorr’s arch claims to a bequest was in the breadth of organization. It was his abstraction to accept a advantage of elders in the assorted branches. Also during his reign, the absolute administration action of the Society was vested in a “Governing Body”. Knorr and approaching leaders would not accept the absolute ability of a Russell or a Rutherford. Their tasks would become added and added administrative.

Knorr capital the Witnesses to ascendancy on to the accuracy they had, and began to restructure the bounded accumulation in such a way that their truths would be guarded. Dis-fellowshipping became the new affliction of the Society. Feared conceivably as the Inquisition of Rome, it was based on a account of rules, some about based on Scripture, some not.

The rules created by the leadership, if broken, would accompany the poor breaker of the authorization afore a authoritative board formed aural the Kingdom Hall. Afterwards a balloon of sorts, accusable and unrepentant list-breakers were absolutely banned from the assembly. Also absolutely banned was any accord or acquaintance getting offered to them by any affiliate of that branch. No hello, no goodbye. No welcome. Family associates were included in this abominable scene. Those who fellowshipped the dis-fellowshipped would be un-fellowshipped as well!

In his afterwards years, Mr. Knorr eased up a bit on this regulation. But his almsman reinstated the harshness. Evidently it formed too able-bodied for it to be surrendered.

A new Bible

That for which Mr. Knorr may able-bodied be remembered with the a lot of acrimony of affection by the Christian is far worse than this fellowshipping policy. It was his absolute re-making of the Word of God into the Society’s image.

It was bright that the Bible accessible up until this time provided an simple acknowledgment of all the Witnesses stood for. So a console of “scholars” was chosen. They are bearding to this day, admitting it is apparent that the next President, Frederick Franz, was on that committee. Why? He knew some Greek, and some (even less) Hebrew.

Through some agee and advance and perverting, the Witnesses were able to yield those “hard passages”, the ones that disagreed with their stand, and accomplish them fit Witness doctrine. Thus was built-in the New Apple Translation. Beware this book! I accept a archetype of it. It’s about absolute in a lot of of its translation. But area it is imperfect, it is blasphemously imperfect.

I’ve noticed it is axis up in auberge apartment and added places. But that’s addition story. We’ll yield a absolute abutting attending at this “translation” as we abstraction the Scriptures later. A lot of of what we will altercate will be from the New Testament, so let me accord you just a sampling of an Old Testament corruption here:

Look at Zechariah 12:10. God is speaking. The Father, right? Let’s just say “God.” Surely Jesus the Son cannot be talking in the book of Zechariah, can He? The words are “They will attending on Me Whom they accept pierced.” Check every adaptation you can find. These are the words God spoke. God the Son! In the Old Testament!

Can’t accept this!

So one translation, afterwards 1900 years of all of us walking in darkness, gets it right, right? (guess which one?) And that one says, “They will attending to the One pierced.”

Get the idea? Gotta change those awkward passages! Acknowledge you Mr. Knorr and your bearding friends, but no acknowledge you.

1975. The apple ends. Again

1960-1966 saw a slow-down of the advance amount of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It looks like they bare some attention. They got it in the anatomy of a new date getting set. Now I said beforehand that about this convenance was abandoned. But anyone was “studying” and begin that 1975 was to be the alpha of the seventh aeon of animal history. Biblically, one could accept said that meant “Millennium” and accordingly those aforementioned humans would be cerebration “Armageddon.” Sure enough, abounding Witnesses awash their homes to get accessible for 1975, the absolute end of the world. Again.

Well, Mr. Knorr, what in actuality happened in 1975? Let’s see. The Vietnam War ended. An Apollo and a Soyuz (Russian) aircraft affiliated up in space. Margaret Thatcher became the aboriginal woman adopted to advance Britain’s Conservative Party. Egypt re-opened the Suez Canal afterwards eight years… Hmmm. No Armageddon there. Looks like a appealing peaceful time, actually.

Zounds! Missed it again?

Many Witnesses had witnessed abundant of this falseness. They opened their eyes, and left.

In 1977, Mr. Knorr breathed his last, and his position was taken by Frederick William Franz. Let’s yield a quick attending at him.

Frederick William Franz. 1977-1992

The next Watch Tower President, Frederick Franz, the alone “scholar” of the New Apple Adaptation (though clearly anonymous), hailed from Covington, Kentucky. Built-in in 1893, he was 84 years old if he took the reins of this able cultic machine. But recall, his job was mostly authoritative and titular at this point. The “Governing Body” was in charge. He disqualified for 15 years and died at age 99.

Much beforehand in life, Franz had been a Lutheran, afresh a Presbyterian. In actuality he capital to be a Presbyterian abbot at one time. How far afield his activity absent from its roots, is appealing obvious. Baptized in 1914, he too “worked his way” up into the big apparatus that Watch Tower had become. Certainly his abode on the Bible board had something to do with his admire in the group.

Nothing all-important to address here… let’s move on.

Milton George Henschel. 1992-2000

Milton Henschel was built-in in 1920, and died in 2003 at age 82. He was from New Jersey. His ablution into the Society was in 1934, as a adolescent teen. In 1947 he fabricated the affirmation that he had been “anointed”, one of the belief for getting appointed to leadership.

Perhaps one of the means he capital to prove his ascendancy from heaven was to appear up with a new Witness teaching. It took the anatomy of added action to the medical world. This time the ache was adjoin the clearing of organs. He fabricated it the law of Witness-land, but by 1980, the Witnesses had alone this fight.

Henschel captivated the Presidency from 1992-2000, if the cardinal “Governing Body” afar from the Society’s Board of Directors. Added political assuming and the Presidency took yet addition hit. Mr. Henschel accommodated and Mr. Adams anon took his place.

Don Alden Adams. 2000 to present

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1925, Don Adams is the accepted President of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Adams comes from the Episcopal faith. He has been the accurate “insider” of the alignment and was the accessible best to alter Mr. Henschel. It is said he has had little appulse aloft the administrative, for affidavit cited above. To be on the “Governing Body” is to apply the accurate ability of the Society today.

Word is that that power, admitting still absolute real, has lessened its “antagonistic denouncements of the beneath accepted Jehovah’s Witnesses distinctives,” such as the behavior on birthdays and college apprenticeship etc.

But the advancing deceptions of the Watch Tower abide to bind millions.